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Farm Tours by Type of Crop or Activity

Click the link for a list of tours by the primary crop or type of activity.

Cacao Farms / Chocolate Makers
Hawaii is the only state in which cacao is grown, and is the source of what many people consider the best chocolate available anywhere.

Coffee / Tea Farms and Producers
The Kona District of the Big Island is long famous for its fine coffee, but coffee is grown on all the islands. Compare the flavor profiles of each region.

Tropical Fruit Growers
A few of the many varieties of fruit grown here include dragonfruit, durian, guava longan, lychee, mango, lilikoi (passion fruit), and rambutan.

Ranches / Livestock / Horse Riding
The Big Island is Paniolo Country with ranches raising cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, and other livestock. There are even opportunities for horseback riding.

Flowers / Herbs / Vanilla
You will find orchids and other exotic flowers, lavender, and even vanilla is grown in Hawaii.

Other Unique Farms
You probably were not expecting a mushroom farm. Hawaii supports many types of agriculture not seen elsewhere.